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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who Else Wants A Cure For Writer's Block?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I'm told writer's block happens
when you're on a dead-line,
need a chapter start, right
words for a poem, or a certain

I'm cured of writer's block.
I can't remember having it.

"You're joking, right?"
You scoffed.

I find a word, object,
person, or animal to
ignite an idea.

You can be given anything
to write about, and this
technique will cure
writer's block. Test

Look around you. Pick the
first object, person, that
your eyes see.

It's a game to writing.

There are variations, but
I'll work with the following

My eyes landed on
the radio. The first letter
of radio is spun into five
other R words.

My words are Ralph,
random, road, roll, and
rat. The words are off the
top of my head.

The game to writing will
cure your writer's block.

Take a look.

On Halloween night,
Ralph ran into an old

"Millie, that you?
Ralph, from high school."
He pointed at himself.

"Right." She stared
forward. "Let's get on
the road, leave this bar."

"I have to get home to my

"Too bad." She smirked.
"We coulda had a roll while
on the road. Get it?"

"Nah, gotta get home."

"You don't do random?"

"I'll take you home." He

"All 'ight."

"They left the bar.

Suddenly, she blasted
him with foul names as
they reached his car.

"Ralph, you were the rat who

How would you continue it?

The game to writing is fun,
and the possibilities are

Say the following sentence
six times, fast, and no pauses.

Ralph rolled randomly 'round
the road.

Try creating a poem with
your letter. My letter is R.
Add other words beginning
with R.

My attempt at a poem.

*Ralph ranted about roses
roll them away
runny nose
nasal cavities will pay*

Play the game to writing
if you need a chapter start,
when writer's block stopped
you in the middle of an article,
or to create a new idea.

Also, the object your eyes
land on can be researched.
The game to writing allows
flexibility, and opens

The more you use the game
to writing, the easier it is.
You'll change it to fit your
writing needs.

Experiment with it. Leave
me a comment about how
it helped you. Did you find
a new version? Or, it didn't
help you?

In conclusion, the game to
writing is the cure for writer's
block. It requires you to sit
down and write.
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