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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Game to Stop Writer's Block

I'm told writer's block happens when you're on a dead-line, need a chapter start, searching for the right words for a poem, a specific article just has to be written but words refuse to appear or creativity falls asleep. Panic can set in, if you let it. Stop. Take a deep breath. Relax. Allow Game to Stop Writer's Block assist you.

I'm cured of writer's block, and I'm having difficulty remembering it. Wait. Writer's block seeped in during the time I was writing my first novel, Grave Street House. I learned to play writing games to stop it. Is it possible for me to get it, now? I have to say, no. Over the years, I've stumbled into writing games to stir-up my creativity. The writing games were developed out of necessity.

"You're joking, right?" You scoffed.

No, I'm not joking. I'd find a word, object, person or animal to ignite a writing ideaThe game to writing is applied to fiction and non-fiction. You can be given anything to write about, and this technique will cure writer's block. Test it. 

Game to Stop Writer's Block can help you write a news article, essay, poem or any writing assignment. It will push writer's block to the curb, and keep it there. The technique is easy and fun to use. Also, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your specific needs. Don't be afraid to experiment with it.

Game to Stop Writer's Block begins with you looking around the room you're in. Pick the first object, person or animal that your eyes first see. Select what your eyes land on, first. I've come-up with variations, but decided to share the following version.

My eyes landed on the radio. The first letter of radio is spun into five other R words. My words are Ralph, random, road, roll, and rat. The words are off the top of my head. This is the fun part of Game to Stop Writer's Block.

Take a look.

Ralph eyed a female the moment he dragged in. He moved toward her direction, and turned away. He found a seat in the back of the bar, ordered Vodka and returned to his seat. He glanced at the woman, ordered another drink and walked up to her.

"Millie, that you? Ralph, from high school." He pointed at himself.

"Right." She stared forward. "Let's get on the road, leave this bar."

"I have to get home to my wife, just had a hard day at work."

"Too bad." She smirked. "We coulda had a roll while on the road. Get it?"

"Nah, gotta get home, wife worries.

"You don't do random?"

"Need a ride?" He offered.

"All 'ight."

"They left the bar.

"You don't 'member?"

"Huh? Ralph sighed.

Suddenly, she blasted him with foul names as they reached his car.

"Ralph, you were the rat who killed...

How would you continue it?

Say the following sentence six times, fast and with no pauses.

Ralph rolled randomly 'round the road.

Try creating a poem with your letter. My letter is R. Add other words beginning with R.

My poem.

*Ralph ranted 
roses go away
runny nose
nasal cavities will pay*

Play the game to writing if you need a chapter start, to break the hold of writer's block in the middle of an article or to create a new idea. Also, the object your eyes land on can be researched. Game to Stop Writer's Block allows flexibility and opens options.

The Game to Stop Writer's Block is easy to use. You'll change it to fit your writing needs. Experiment with it. Leave me a comment about how it helped you. Did you find a new version? Or, it didn't help you? The writing game is the cure for writer's block. It requires you to sit down and write.

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