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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Question Of Morals

Many people, be it George Zimmerman or anyone else, taking an action because they can have the wrong attitude/thoughts. It's a question of morals. Don't act due to a bad mood or twisted feeling.

It isn't good conduct to approach another just because you can. The wrong attitude, thought, brings un-necessary pain, chaos.

The thoughts, attitude, that shortness makes people aggressive, because they're compensating for lack of height stirs ill-will.

A person with the above thoughts, attitude, will cause harm or inspire much conflict. One-sided thinking rarely ends well.

Good conduct is following a set of moral values and/or protocol. When or if all else fail, wait. Waiting allows you to re-think, and not act too quickly.

Let's look at the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, situation.

Had George Zimmerman waited, there would be a different out-come. Although, a jury of Zimmerman's peers found him not guilty.

Still, Trayvon Martin's blood will forever stain the mind and heart of George Zimmerman.

Lesson: Never take an action just because you can. It rarely ends well.
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