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Monday, July 29, 2013

Prejudice Exists

It's interesting to live in a culture that allows open expression, opinions. People judge, have preconceived opinions, based on their life experiences, and tales from others.

Human reaction of clutching a purse, for example, when passing-by teens is normal after being robbed by them. Perhaps, a loved one had bad encounters with teens, and your loved one re-counts the circumstances, often. It's not unusual to form a prejudice, especially when the loved one's keeps telling you about it. The prejudice is compounded when your love one's life is turned-upside-down by actions of teens, or the negative encounter.

Let's look at another situation.

There's one job available, but two applicants of different races wanting the position.

Feelings of prejudice will tip into the mind of whichever applicant remains unemployed. Most likely, race didn't play a role.

The unemployed applicant spreads his/her experience to family and friends. The preconceived opinions take root.

The most production action to take is step around prejudice. if it's real, handle it through the law. Often, it's a preconceived opinion.

Everyone is different. There's no reason to blame a group or race for the actions of one, few.

Prejudice exists because people permit it.

If you live with someone pointing-out preconceived flaws of someone, group, then prejudice grows.

Prejudice can't exist when the facts are known. Facts are freeing, or should be.

Seek-out medical or legal help when facts let prejudice exist within you.
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