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Friday, September 27, 2013

Slip Of The Tongue

A slip of the tongue happens, but take a moment to think before speaking. The tongue is used for many things, and talking, talking too much, is one of them.

The tongue can be a weapon to hurt you and others. It's wise to guard carefully what you say.

A slip of the tongue can pop-out around acquaintances or walking with another person.

A few friends, for example, gathered to go see a concert. They rented a limousine too. A back-seat driver asked the driver asked the driver, again, to stop for additional alcoholic beverages. The driver, known to them as friend, denied the third request to stop.

"M, I can't." The driver pulled-over. "All of ya had enough."

"Just cuz ya part owner of the limousine company don't mean..."

"Get out!" The driver interrupted he back-seat driver.

"Sam, ya're biz partner, and ya got the same girl-friend." The back-seat driver departed quickly.

The slip of back-seat driver's slip of the tongue hurt friendships, not sure if they'll recover. A friendship lost is hard to get back.

Most people in back-seat driver's life will find out about it, and never trust him/her.

The fact that you know or think you know isn't the "green light" to share it. It goes back to the kind of person you are, your character.
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