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Monday, September 30, 2013

Government Shut-Down

A United States government shut-down begins Monday, if the Republicans and Democrats fail to agree on a funding bill.

President Obama's 2010 healthcare reform law was to be available on October 1.

Funding for national security and public safety continues. People will receive Medicare health insurance and Social Security retirement benefits.

People to be furloughed are those who process pass-ports to National Parks/Museums.

Most federal agency workers would be furloughed, but a few will work like air traffic controllers and prison guards.

All military personnel operates normally, but civilians working for the military would be temporarily furloughed per the Pentagon.

Federal courts will open 'til October 15. After that date, the Judiciary will give the necessary guidance.

The Supreme Court is scheduled to start its 2013 session on October 7. The Supreme Court operated as usual during previous furloughs, according to a spokesman.

The IRS will have about 90 percent of its work-force furloughed. The call center would be closed and audits stopped, the agency stated.
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