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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Creative Writing Activities

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

"Is there an easy way to write a story?"
I've been asked.

I thought about it, and came up with
creative activities anyone can do.

This writing lesson is fun, teach it to
your children, and mold it to fit your

Before starting to write, think.
What kind of people will populate
the story? Is the leading role for
a male or female? Whose the
bad person? Or, the person with
a different point of view than the
leading character?

What was the disagreement over?

Keep in mind that every work of
fiction has a beginning, middle,
and it ends. Once the problem is
solved, conclude the story.

Short fiction works, well, with
one problem, but long fiction
has room for more.

Begin the story as the problem

"Man, you stepped on my foot!"
Rodney shouted.

"Said sorry." The short man
walked away.

Rodney ran behind him.

See how the suspense, tension,
pulls the reader in? He/she will
want to know the story's end.
Perhaps, he/she has been in a
similar situation, or know
someone who has. Or, dislikes
one of the characters, and will
read to, the story's end, see
how the situation is resolved.

In conclusion, have in mind a
problem, and the characters
you want to solve it. Characters
shouldn't be flat. Give one slurred
speech, for example.

The main character almost
succeeds, at least, three times.
Each time something, someone,
stops him/her from reaching the
goal. Also, new information is
uncovered, each time, to help
move the story along.

Characters are changed, for the
better or worse, when the story
is over.

Note: This is a game to help
children's writing skills. An option
is to have children act out a story,
character's role. It adds to the fun.
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