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Monday, June 23, 2008

Poems Heal

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with
me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing a poem is one's life, and
an out-let of expression to others.
Some situations, in life, are painful.
They require you to sit down, and write
about them. It's therapeutic while
energizing the healing process.

"How do I start writing a poem?" You tapped
a pen on the desk-top.

Simply, jot down what you're feeling. Don't
worry if the poem is free verse, or another
form. There are many forms of poetry. You
can research, the various forms, at a later

The goal, for now, is to pour-out
problems, issues, on paper or a computer.
Mold, re-arrange, your poems when you've
written a few.

I'll write one, off the top of my head.
My poem is free verse. Free verse is


Thunder lightens the sky
slams any in its path.

It stomps
looking over
your town and mine
for the next invasion.

Simply, write down what you feel.
This form of expression can be painful,
but it's therapeutic, and it heals. It
soothes the discomfort, and brings joy.

The act of writing relieves the mind of
tension, gives it a channel for negative

The loss of jobs, rising gas prices,
late stimulus checks, or any number of
issues can pull you into frustration.
Sometimes, worse.

Write it down, include everything that's
bothering you. Start with the most
nagging problem.

Look at the words. Harmless words.
Put them in context. Think. One
problem at a time. How do you feel
after writing them down? Give it a
few days, if necessary.

What steps can you take to make
your life better, happier? Remember,
there's no need to, constantly, concern
yourself over what can't be changed.

"If I can't change it, why try?" You rolled
your eyes.

It's about not giving up. Make adjustments
in your life.

You, actually, took the step to writing
poems. The one step is a major
accomplishment. Now, move
around an issue that can't be changed.

Fill your time with pleasant tasks.
Keep your mind occupied, stuffed with
matters within your control.

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