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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Osama Bin Laden's Alleged Mistress Twitter Argument

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with me? Leave me your opinion.

Osama bin Laden's alleged mistress,
award winning novelist Kola Boof,
and Maybach Music rapper Wale had
a exchange.

The verbal debate began when Kola
stated her opinion about Wale not
having black women of a dark
complexion in his videos to another
twitter user, and fans chimed in.

Boof tweeted:

"There wasn't a single Black woman
in "Pretty Girls" what in the
f- was he saying about African
women?? His own race?" @WALE is a
little Punk B-h Nigerian Skin
Bleacher who wants to escape his
own people & gets PAID 2 do s.
I know enough about @WALE ...and
he's a LOSER a- Motherf-er in my
book. Don't give a s-t who's IN

If #WALE was my g-damn son I'd
drown that Chimp-brained
Nigerian N-erstock motherf-er.
And feed his a- to the Red Ants.
Loser mofo! And Black Women....
keep making excuses & supporting
these mofos.....that's what IRKs
me. Dumb a- Black Women. You
would think Black Women would
have 2 halves of a brain to tune
out these mofos..but they the #1
supporters. This man HATES US...
hates our whole f-ing existence
& wants to escape blackness...
and we making him rich!!??

"To me....a man like
no different than a f-ing
Clansmen. He just gets away with
his s-t bec. he's dark black. But
let WALE have to decide between
saving YOU from drowning and a
European. He's a skin bleacher.
Might as well be Jergen. NO DUMB
A-....he doesn't "REP" Nigeria.
You're just too stupid to see his
messages. He promotes f-ing

Why wouldn't NIGERIAN children
want to bleach their skin after
watching a WALE video?? How could
they not? Think about the IMAGES
in Wale's videos....and then look
at why Nigerian kids, both male &
female, want to skin bleach. HIS
VIDEOS!! partly. Just remember....
that KOLA will kick your f-ing a-
@WALE're f-ing GUPPIE!
OH PLEASE....people are acting like
I can't cuss someone out because
I'm a Novelist?....I'm harder than
ANY f-ing rapper. NOVELIST, POET....
Bin laden's Ex-Mistress....and
**HARDER** than any f-ing Rapper.
These punks are snot nosed wimps. a f-ing Nigerian Cl-t-B-
h. F-k Wale. Oh please....I'm
HARDER than any
insecure little colortsruck roach

Wale tweeted:

"Kola boof... I won't beef with
you as a rapper, but as a proud
black man with intellect. We can
show the world what ignorance
looks like. Excuse me @KolaBoof.

According to this lunatic @kolaboof
I promote "skin bleaching" and I
hate black women. And @kolaboof
thinks that because she contributed
to writing a few books, that she
can talk down to me. With all due
respect ms @kolaboof I can sit up
here and say you were porking a lot of your
peers say. But I'd rather not,
because I'm ignorant to @kolaboof
whatever relationship you had with
Ol' Boy [Osama bin Laden]. ..and my
ignorance to THAT particular subject
will keep me quiet. W/ that said u
should 2. @kolaboof your pretentious.
Your a disgusting human being, an
absolute disgrace to the very people
you pretend to endorse."

Boof continued. Fans suggested that
she listen to his song, "Shades"
where he addresses the issue. "We
as black dudes tend to lack unity,
and them blacker girls ain't on the
tube usually".

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