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Monday, May 2, 2011

Passionate Writer

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Passion leads To Success

Passionate is defined as showing
strong feeling, intense, according
to Webster's Desk Dictionary.

Passionate writers can't afford
to put-off tomorrow what can be
written today. Writing ideas
jump-out continuously. Waiting
for another day bombards a writer
with too many possible writing

Make notes on a writing idea as
it exposes itself. When time
wedges itself between writing
idea and writer, the original
idea gets lost. It's next to
impossible to remember what the
writing idea was.

Carry a note-pad, text yourself,
to record/remind yourself of a
writing idea.

When you're ready to write, refer
to your notes.

Passionate writers, intense writers,
find time to write. Give, at least,
two hours per day to writing,
grooming your craft. It's rare for
passionate writers who are
successful not to scribble on a
regular basis.

Passionate writers must write to
become better which leads to success.

Passionate writers take writing
seriously. They work on areas of
weakness. Run-on sentences a problem?
Brush-up on punctuation. Spelling is
a problem. Spell-check several times.
A suggestion is purchase a dictionary
to understand how trouble-some words
are spelled. Notice how words are
broken into syllables. Learn to spell
by sounding words into syllables.

Passionate writers don't wait to be
told to use strong verbs. They search,
read, and dig-up how verbs will better
their work.

The passionate writer will hear various
writing crushing statements from family
and friends, but writes through them.

"Get a real job." A friend suggested.

"When will you make some money?" A family
member asked.

"It's hard to be a "real" writer." Someone

The passionate writer smiles and writes

Still, take a job at any time. You decide
if your circumstances require employment,
and not because someone have doubts about
your writing ability.

Passionate writers find time, day or night,
to write. A writer is successful due to
the passion within.

I, too, am a passionate writer and speak
from experience.

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