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Sunday, March 2, 2008

How To Write About An Encounter

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I had the opportunity, chance, to
meet an odd person. Perhaps, I
should say different.

"Why is she odd?" You read the
paragraph, again.

People talked about a serious
subject, on numerous occasions.
Cathy would burst out laughing.
Cara appeared, one day, with the
same mannerisms, likenesses, as
Cathy. Yet, they claimed not to
know one another.

This is how I'd take that reality,
and turn it into a work of fiction.

My idea is to have Cathy working
in a school. Cara is unemployed.

At school, one day, Cathy began
talking, acting, like Cara. The
people around Cathy wondered what
was wrong.

"Mornin', Cathy. " Mr Berg Spoke.

Cathy looked at him, seemed not to
recognize him.

Cathy wondered around the school,
missed her scheduled classes.
Suddenly, for no reason, she

See how easy it is to take something,
someone, from reality to write about.

How would you continue the story?

Make sure to change actual
circumstances, names, dates,
addresses, and physical

"Why bother?" You looked around.

Aside from the fact, it can cause
hurt feelings. Using such
information without written
permission can end you up in a
court room.

All stories have a beginning,
middle, and end.

Start off with a question, narrative,
or startle. You want to grab,
hold, the reader's attention to the

Your title should stop the reader,
and pull his/her eyes to your
work. The middle builds up, comes
down to a satisfactory conclusion.

Take note of the odd encounters in
your day. Pick out, at least,
one to write about. Spin reality
into fiction to always have a
writing idea.
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