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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why Write A Second Novel

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It had been my plan before my first
novel, Grave Street House, was
published to serialize the main
character, Amanda Dukington.

I had no idea how successful,
unsuccessful, I'd be with my
novels. The urge to write,
create a story world, was something
I couldn't ignore. I tried, for a
second, to leave writing alone. Try
something else.

Is that how you feel as a writer,
sometimes. You'd rather not write,
but it itches. You have to scratch,

My novel, Grave Street House, floated
to mind when I worked elsewhere. I
had those, I'm not sure I can do it
moments. At times, it seemed, I wasn't
being taken seriously as a writer. So,
I went back to dallying with my

I pulled out paragraphs, made a scene
more suspenseful, looked for a publisher,

It was published, and I didn't make
any money. I wasn't deterred from
writing the second novel.

It felt right to place the main
character, Amanda Dukington, in a
murderous setting.

"Why a murderous setting?" You asked.

She solved the mystery, murders,
that had a community terrified.

My second Novel

Every second Saturday, Amanda plays
cards in a neighborhood, when loud
noises are heard, people dive for the

The four card players laugh, catch-up
on the gossip, bring food, and
enjoy each other's company.

On this particular Saturday, they
bickered with one another. The
atmosphere filled with tension, and
they, actually, clawed at each other.

A visit from Mr. Bailor, Joann's father,
another card player, heightened the strain.

Joann leaves, to go home, for a few minutes.

The three remaining players hear what could
be a car's engine. Two of the card players
drop to the floor.

Amanda ventures to the front door, can't
understand why they're on the floor. She
ignores pleads to come back.

To her shock, dismay, she finds Joann shot
on the street.
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She'd critique titles, paragraphs, news reports, that no one submitted to her. She'd stop herself, eventually. Marcella Glenn seemed to be enjoying the act of writing. This is how she knew writing was more than a hobby.

Let it be a lesson in your life too. Is writing calling your name? Or, acting? Teaching? Are you interested in engineering? Have the courage to go for your dreams. Simply, believe in yourself.

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