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Monday, February 4, 2008

Write From The Known

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

"What is this about?" You asked.

The known is what you know, understand,
and/or is true. It can be a person,
place, or thing.

It is easier, sometimes, to write from
the known.

"Why?" You read the sentence, twice.

It's easier to write from the known,
because you're familiar with it, you
have the four-one-one on it, or have
a fixed image in your mind of it.

I was sitting in my bedroom, glanced
at the perfumes. A question stirred
in my mind.

How many people have designer
fragrances? I thought about it.
I guessed, many. It stands to reason,
people with designer fragrances use
less. They don't pour it on

I stopped. I couldn't think of an
interesting story surrounding the

However, fragrances stayed on my mind.

The second idea was one involving
the design of a fragrance. The
business was ran by two sisters.

The popular sister insisted her
name should adorn a bottle.

Now, the intelligent sister wanted
to make the business a success.

"First, let's find a new fragrance,
start working on it, and then
decide on a name," Giltress suggested.

"No, it should have my name, father
would of wanted it that way, too."
Pukela turned her back to Giltress.

"I think we should concern ourselves
with the promotion of it." Giltress
wanted her sister to agree, at least,

"I'm the pretty one, and people will
agree with me." Pukela stormed out
of Giltress' office.

My fiction starts to take form. It
can roam into long or short fiction.

I can, easily, see murder creeping
into the plot.

What are your thoughts on it?

Writing from the known invites
a new twist to a project, opens your
imagination up to look at the same
object differently, and is fun.
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