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Thursday, January 31, 2008

How To Find Your Writing Niche

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with me?
Leave me your opinion.

Niche is a rank, comfortable place, or
position that explores your talent. It
feels right, and you excel at it. You
perform it, very well. Also, you enjoy

"How do I find my writing niche?" You

Most writers like to read. I did, do.
Try to create, write, the fiction or
non-fiction that you prefer to read.

Ask some questions. How would you write
it? What should be written better?
More suspense? You didn't like the plot?
It needed an attention grabbing title? It
could of used a different setting? You
thought a female should of played the
secondary role? A rabbit in the cast of

Answering questions will help pin-point
your writing niche. In the process, you'll
come up with other questions.

Try dabbling with how-to articles, greeting
cards, and essays. In search of your writing
niche, sample everything.

Study the area of writing you chose. You
picked greeting cards to write, for example,
then discover how they are written. Go to
your local store, or browse online, for
knowledge. Which cards tickle your urge to
write? Humorous greeting cards?

Purchase the cards that grabbed your attention.
Use them as a guide for writing your own.
Don't copy.

Prepare some to give to friends and family.
What kinds of reactions did you get?

Having your work evaluated, criticized,
can be helpful. It exposes weak areas,
where more effort should be applied.

Put advice, analyzing, about your work
in perspective. It isn't wise to view it
as a personal attack. Besides, you're
looking for a writing niche, and opinions
are just that.

If I'd listened to some, I would not have
written a novel, articles, poems, or dared
to own a blog.

My point is, most times, the voice to listen
to is yours. It's not the well meaning
or doubters, that determines your writing niche,
but you.

It takes time to find the niche with the exact
fit. You fiddle, try, until you find it.

Take time to reach, develop, your writing
niche. Aim for the stars.
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