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Monday, March 3, 2008

Turn Life Into Writing Ideas

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

I believe life is exciting,
challenging, wonderful, demanding,
and stuffed full of writing ideas.

I wrote a piece on best friend
shopping, which didn't make the

Now, I can sit around complaining,
or find another place for the

Let me share some of it with you.

This story idea is from living
life, and ideas do come to you
this way. You must act like a
sponge, find a fit, for rejected

**Best Friend Shopping**

Your eyes roll skyward, knowing
a gift is needed for him/her.

"What do I get?" You twisted
a piece of hair.

You don't want to get a gift like
last time. You saw the disappointed
expression as it was unwrapped.
Even though, he/she tried to disguise

Of course, you pondered, fussed, over
getting the right item. Times like
these test a friendship. Sure, you
can grab some bobble. Possibly, your
friend will feel the uncaring that
went into that.

Or, shop for what your friend likes
best. Search for the object that
most appeals to your friend. No
one knows that better than you.
It's best to start shopping early.

The sponge process started for a
story idea. A character was at
a Used Clothing Store, looking
for something unique.

"I've been to five other stores,
nothing caught my eye." Chell's
eyes rolled along the floor.
What is that?"

It appeared to be a clown.

"That would be a fun gift, life
size clown."

She bent down to inspect it,
noticed it was a dead body...

The plot unfolds in any
direction of my choice. Also,
other ideas can be spun from it.

I can travel down a fiction road,
roll-out essays, or jot down poems.

I suggest to take any writing idea,
and look at it for other avenues
to writing.

When your work is rejected, look
for other ways to show-case it.
A sponge drips everywhere, soaks
in everything. Be the sponge when
it comes to writing ideas.
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