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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

American Idol Winner Fantasia: Attempted Suicide

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The attempt follows news of the 26-year-
old being named in a divorce petition,
because of an 11-month relationship with
a married man. She used sleeping aids and

Paula Cook said that Fantasia's
relationship with her husband, Antwaun,
ended their marriage. She claimed to have
intimate video footage of the two together.

Fantasia denied parts of Cook's allegations,
and said she was not responsible for ending
the marriage.

Photos emerged of Fantasia with Cook.

Fantasia's "heart was broken and is sorry for
any pain she may have caused," Brian Dickens-

The police is treating the incident as an
attempted suicide.

She was found collapsed in her closet, at home,
in North Carolina.

"She was overwhelmed with the lawsuit and the
media attention. Fantasia is stable now. She
will be released from the hospital soon," her
spokes-person assured.

Fantasia was American Idol's third season winner.

Fantasia was a single mother when fame stormed
her on American Idol. She has a daughter, Zion.

TMZ reported that she's in stable condition.

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