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Monday, October 17, 2011

Successful Writers: Write

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Successful writers write through
stress, approaching dead-lines
when more is required than the
three paragraphs you've written
or as creative flow goes on strike.

"I've written the paragraphs ten
times, and can't think of anything
else to write." A writer said.

"Too many ideas, can't sleep." A few
writers shared.

The above statements are a result of
stress, but successful writers don't
allow it to stop them.

Stop stress blockages by writing
anything related to the paragraphs
or written work. Distance yourself
from the writing project for as long
as possible.

Come-back to it refreshed and with
new writing ideas. Continue developing
your writing ideas. There's a chance that
the original writing idea has lost its
appeal. Don't waste time on a writing
idea going nowhere.

Begin exploring the new writing idea.
Write anything about it. Random writing
stimulates the creative process. Writing
ideas will take shape. The more you write,
the more stimulation for your creative

If writing about a specific topic fails to
help, write about any subject. Pick a
topic that's new to you. It'll push you to
write more. Perhaps, do some research? The
goal is to write.

An approaching dead-line demands a finished
writing project. A met dead-line makes a
statement about your professionalism.

First, take a deep breath, two and

Select any phrase in your writing project
as the dead-line grows closer. Write about
the phrase. Pick a second and third phrase,
if necessary.

Is there a funny aspect to your topic?
The funny line, sentence, takes your
mind off the dead-line and frees your
creative flow.

Sometimes, creative flow takes a rest.
Still, successful writers write, but how?

One method to encourage creative flow
is to write down why you can write.
Look at it. Move pass it. Go back to
your writing project and complete it.

It helps to look at research about a
writing project and then spin-out your
own writing project. It's time to pass
your goal, and writing is the way to
do it.

Creative flow can be stimulated by
research, writing.

Successful writers use writing, research,
when stressed about dead-lines that can't
be ignored, and when creative flow wants
a time-out.
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