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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stop Your Child from Being Bullied

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Children will soon be going back to
school, and some schools have already
opened their doors. Bullying is a
problem that has found new avenues
to explore. Bullies are at school,
on the Internet and cell phones.
Stop your child from being bullied
by making it a habit of asking about
his/her school day. Keep the lines
of communication going with your

A child who never talks about school
or what's happening there rarely
shares a bullying incident.
Communication is important in
stopping your child from being

A child who normally talks with
a parent has no problem mentioning
a bullying incident. The incident
could have been a push or verbal.
Show concern, but don't argue.
Comfort your child. Find out who,
when and where. Who bullied? When
did it happen? Where did the bullying
take place? Take notes about the
incident. Determine if your child
can address the situation alone.
Let him/her know you're there, and
will help anyway possible.

The next day gently approach your

"How did your go, Billy?"

"Kevin pushed me when we were playing

"What did you do?"

"Walked away."

"Good job," Mrs. Berling said. "Tell
an adult if it happens again, and play
with your own friends."

Make a note of the second incident.

Prepare your child with ways of handling
a bully. Practice or give your child
ideas of what he/she should say to a bully.
Most times, bullies can't be reasoned with.

Often, bullies keep pressuring, bullying.
The next step is to make an appointment
to speak with a child's teacher, school
counselor and/or principal. The school
counselor may offer techniques to help
your child deal with the situation.

Mention to his/her teacher, principal,
the behavior changes due to bullying.
Most likely, your child's grades will
hit the floor too. Discuss it with the

The battle to stop your child from being
bullied is on-going. Have frequent talks
with your child to make sure the bullying
stopped. Contact teachers to, often, be
informed of situations involving your
child. Don't wait for them to phone you.

Bullying isn't a problem that goes away
in a few days. Turn to the legal system
if you're not getting help or results
from school officials.

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