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Monday, September 26, 2011

Writer's Belief

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

A writer must have a strong belief
in his/her writing projects. Self-doubt
stops writer from trying, succeeding.
All people, no matter the profession,
have successes and failures. Writers
improve from failures.

Failures push a writer to look closer
at a writing project, and discover why
it didn't make the cut or was published.

Failures that grab the attention helps a
writer to move forward and avoid the same
mistakes. Still, failure/rejection, can
be painful. It should be looked at as a

A motivator to do better, reach higher. A
writer internalizes the motivating force
of being the best he/she is capable of.
Each day work toward a better you, the

Work on your craft, and recite the writer's
belief: I believe in me, my talent. Say it
as many times as necessary to ignite working,
writing. Some days are harder than others to
get motivated, write.

Often, there will be people to stop you from

"Take-off today." A friend said.

"You not gettin' nowhere writin' anyways." One
relative reminded.

"Only, a few make money, get famous or are
remembered." A few people shared.

Yes, the nay-sayers throw all kinds of
reasons not to write your way.

It's up to you. Repeat the writer's belief.
Hold on to your own beliefs while others slam-
down excuses.

Remember, if you don't believe in yourself
and talent then you're prey for anyone.

Don't be afraid to jot down the writer's belief.
Pin it on a wall, door, mirror and anywhere
you can see encouraging words.

In closing, writers must believe in their
talent, writing projects or be prey for
anyone. Recite the writer's belief as often
as needed.
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She'd critique titles, paragraphs, news reports, that no one submitted to her. She'd stop herself, eventually. Marcella Glenn seemed to be enjoying the act of writing. This is how she knew writing was more than a hobby.

Let it be a lesson in your life too. Is writing calling your name? Or, acting? Teaching? Are you interested in engineering? Have the courage to go for your dreams. Simply, believe in yourself.

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