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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Personal Experience Articles

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A personal experience article has to reach-out and spark interest. A culture where the economy is still recovering means people are stressed. The personal experience article could explain how-to improve stress levels, a topic must show how readers will benefit or provide a reason why an individual should take time to read an article.


There are people who do poorly on tests due to stress, wake-up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomachs, tend to be nervous from living life and certain situations, for some, boil-up stress automatically.

Spark Interest With A Topic

Every now and then stress wakes me up in the early morning hours with pretzel stomach. My choices: Twist-and-turn 'til it's time to get up, run down-stairs for a glass of warm milk or try a simple breathing exercise accidentally discovered.

Share How The Exercise Improves Sleep

Get comfortable. Stop moving. Clear your mind. Take deep breaths. Slowly inhale with the nose, exhale through an open mouth. Repeat for as long as necessary.

Feelings About The Topic

The early morning awakenings were becoming a problem, serious. One morning, I sighed and sighed some more. I laid there, took several deep breaths and noticed relaxation tipping in. I began to yawn, felt tired. The next sound I heard was a ringing alarm clock. I'd actually went back to sleep using deep breathing.

The deep breathing technique helped me relax, slept without medication or a visit to the health-care provider.

It'll work for those who do poorly on tests, people nervous from living life and calm when certain situations boil-up stress.

End Thoughts

Use more or less deep breathing as needed. Test stress, for instance, may require less deep breathing than what's used for sleeping. The technique is an alternative and not a replacement for health-care providers.


In conclusion, the personal experience article involves deciding on a topic, grabbing interest, explaining your experience, feelings on the topic and changes experienced.


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