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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to Write Effective Query Letters

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The query letter shows an editor your
writing style, knowledge of the
publication, spelling/grammar
awareness and professionalism.

The editor grabbing article query
letter displays, in a page,
qualifications to write a specific
piece. You become qualified to write
for the publication after reviewing
writer's guidelines, and an examination
of several issues to understand
the target market.

Most editors prefer a query letter
over the completed manuscript. They
get tons of information, manuscripts,
thrown at them, daily. Editors have
turned to "no unsolicited submissions."

The article query letter is a way to
introduce you, your writing, to editors.
The query letter shows the editor your
writing style, knowledge of the
publication, spelling/grammar awareness
and professionalism. A query letter,
too, allows an editor to peel-in his/her
feedback. He/she may suggest a different
view-point to cover, for example.

Sometimes, if an editor liked your
writing style, he/she will offer you
another assignment, even though your
idea didn't make-it in the door.

The query letter is written in standard
business form. Your name, address and
other contact information is typed at
the top. Date the query letter. Address
it to an editor, actual name.

Hook the editor in sentence one with
an interesting idea. The hook can ask
a question, provide information, be a
personal experience anecdote or spot-
light a problem.

The editor is reading about your idea.
Make the pitch.

The pitch, second paragraph, explains
what you're offering. You'll expose
what's to be included in the piece,
article length and how your piece fits
his/her publication.

Paragraph three mentions your credentials,
samples, that makes you the only one to
write the article. Point-out work
published in like publications.

The query letter ends with a thank you
for an editor's time.

In closing, when an editor is interested
in the article, send it right away.
Remember, remind an editor of the request
for your article. Article titles are cited
in query letters and reminders.


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