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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Passion Not Shared

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People Who Don't Share Your Passion

Writing, as with any passion, is as
unique as an individual. It's not
un-common to be around people who
don't share your passion. Passion
not shared has been around since
humans were required to do specific
tasks, work together, if only for
the time to get a task done.

The advice is not complicated.
Learn to tolerate those who don't
share your passion. Be fair with
them. He/she could be a friend.
The two of you could agree to

The choices for you: Live with it
or depart from his/her company.

True friends are hard to find, and
no one should end a friendship
without careful thought.

A friend who nags you about your
passion can be grounds to depart
from his/her company. Have you
been asked the following?

"Why do you write?" A friend/
relative. "I mean you've been
doing it forever and you're

"I don't look at it that way."

"Yeah, yeah."

"Many writers in literature..."

"But you're not one of them." The
friend/relative cut you off and

If how you're wasting time with a
passion is the topic of conversations
with a friend/relative, it's time
to move away from that person.

An option is to not share your
passion with someone who dislikes
it. Enjoy the company of a friend/
relative, if you can. Keep quiet
about new developments in regard
to your passion.

Realistically, passion not shared
can hurt a relationship, even
destroy it. Comments, remarks,
made about passion not shared
becomes stressful, and will stir-up
doubts. You'll wonder if a change
of passion is needed. Is the
discomfort worth staying in a
relationship when passions aren't

Passion is as different as each
person. A choice has to be made:
Passion or your disagreeing friend/
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