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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspiration: It's Found Near And Far

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Reach In Any Direction for Inspiration

There's no shortage of inspiration,
because it's in life, God, Google
or people. Reach in one or all of
the mentioned places to be inspired.
Inspiration is sitting there, waiting
for a chance to show-off in a
writer's project.

"Which direction should I reach into?"
You asked out-loud.

The direction is up to you. Let's
narrow down a possible category.
What's comfortable for you? Life?

Life offers a boundless feast of
inspiration. Take inventory of
your life. Or, take a close look
at any life.

Is there a disability you'd like
to write about? Bring insight to
a condition? Did something happen
that is begging to be written
about? A crisis in a friend's
life would benefit others if shared.
You know of a better way to handle
stress? Many would benefit.

What stood-out on Monday, Wednesday
or Saturday?

You received an award. A step-by-step
guide to tell others how to get the
award is write-worthy.

A mystery showed itself. People have
wondered about a certain mystery for
years, even you. One day, you were
trying to piece it together and the
solution dawned. Write a whodunit.
The list can go on.

Peel away any moment in life to
spin-out fiction, non-fiction or

The next category is God. Writers
take information, small or big, to
carve a word picture.

"In the beginning God created the
heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1,
"New World Translation of the Holy

I took a passage from the bible at

Some people have a different view-
point, and believe in evolution.
The theory, with evolution, is that
all species evolved, developed,
from earlier forms.

An essay to address it, your belief,
is a possible writing project.

A second writing idea: Create a
world that displays a third view-
point on the development of man,
plants, the moon.

The third writing idea spot-lights
dinosaurs, extinct prehistoric
reptiles. Why are they extinct?
Smaller versions alive today?

Pin-point other aspects of God
to write about. Your own
experiences as it relates to God?

A direction to look into as
inspiration is Google. Google
as a spring-board to inspiration
involves many features to pick

Google's features is a place to
start, G-mail is but one. The
name, corporation or business
mission are directions to explore.

Would you like to imitate Google?
A goal based on Google's mission
in a specific area? The choice
is up to you, the writer.

Last, people near and far, are
full of inspiration. People bouncing
about everyday, in a different culture,
can set a writer's creative flow
into action.

Have you talked with someone, listened,
and writing ideas zoomed to mind. A
person's mannerisms is fictional
character friendly. A problem re-told
five times pushed you to do research
and write about it?

Inspiration is found near and far, in
any direction. Look for inspiration in
life, God, Google or people.
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