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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Memorable Character

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Make A Character Memorable

"Hope there's a sequel." A fan

"That character reminds me of a
cousin, sweet but smart." A reader

"If only I could be half as strong
in a situation like that." Someone

"His emotions were conflicted,
because he/she was on the wrong
side." A person commented. "Shame."

"The main character had looks and

Or, when a friend or relative looks
over some of your work and say,
"I'm enjoying's relaxing."

"I'm glad." A writer responded.

"I didn't know you could write like

"I try."

"I'm going to bookmark your blog,
want to visit it again." A

"Leave a comment. You might not
like some posts."

"How long have you had it?"

"Two, three or more years."


A character, in fiction, becomes
memorable by standing-up for a
cause when doing so is dangerous,
possibly life threatening.

The memorable character is placed
in a situation that makes sense.
The goal is to provide a world
readers can escape into from
theirs, and enjoy the created
world. Readers should like or
hate the main character, feel
sorry for any character. Throw
angry words at disliked
characters. Cheer for a secondary

The memorable character is gossiped
about, lied on and called unfavorable

Memorable character walks on,
chin-up, through the haters.

The taunting continues, but memorable
character finds a chip of happiness.
Some people resort to poking fun at
memorable character's life, family.
They take stabs at tampering with
memorable character's work on the

Memorable character holds onto
morals, values and beliefs to
sustain him/her.

Memorable character's enemies look
like fools, become more aggressive.

The character could call the police.

The character isn't moved, scared,
by enemies. He/she continues to
live his/her life.

Memorable character gets sick,
loved ones pass-away but enemies
hammer harder.

The character survives, to the
dismay of enemies.

Still, the character never gloats.
He/she takes each day as it comes.

Enemies hurt themselves trying to
belittle memorable character.

Memorable character, in the end,
lives well but is forever changed.
Now, how a character lives at the
end depends on the writer.

In closing, all issues, problems,
introduced are resolved at the end.
The issues, problems, slammed on a
character, how he/she handles them
and survives explodes into memorable.
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