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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How to Write Poetry

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Poetry Forms

Ideas for poetry, poetry forms,
are in experiences, something
dreamed, from books or at work.

A past relationship offers tons
of poetry friendly material.
Write about how the relationship
improved, hindered, you. Week
one gave a display of two people
completely wrong for one another.
Only, you were committed and
decided to go where it led.

In a dream, you conversed with
ladies and gentlemen of another
time. Imagine the poetry that
can be created. Research will
guide you to language of the era.

Characters from books are an
endless supply of poetry ideas.
Each book has a unique world
with interesting characters.
Your poetry should be as
different and individual as the
original works.

The work place is stuffed full
of poetry ideas. Every office,
individual, have a tale. The
decorations are possible
creations. Leave no door closed
when on the look-out for poetry


Some poetry forms use lyrics
that are set to music. Words
picked for a song opens the
mouth, not close it. Simple
words work well. The Sonnet's
first eight lines are termed
sestet. Line eight marks the
ending of a sentence.

In other words, introduce the
theme, develop it, continue and
the sestet takes a new direction.
Carry the new direction to a
point and end.


A Haiku poem is the well known
Japanese form. The structure for
the Haiku form is three lines:
five syllables in line one, seven
syllables for line two and line
three is five syllables.

Rain beat at my pane
While flowers blossom proudly
In my room I sit.


The Villanelle explodes on the
page with five three line stanzas
and ends with a Quatrain.

Line one in stanza one becomes
line three of stanzas two and
four. In stanza one, line three
takes number three position
within stanzas three and five.
Lastly, stanza one's line three
grabs fourth position of the
last stanza.


I survived deceit
Of family and friends
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

I refuse retreat
Standing strong without kin-
I survived deceit.

For all to see I'm complete
On top about to spin,
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

Segregated at new feats
Still, mobs try to descend in-
I survived deceit.

Success manage to beat
Snake tongued ones wonder how-when,
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.

I'm not afraid of heat
Fighting to some end,
I survived deceit
Those mistakes I'll not repeat.


A stanza or poem with four
lines is a Quatrain.


His stare was razor sharp
fear tipped up my spine,
shots rang out
the store was robbed.

Ideas for poetry are everywhere.
Explore them as I did in my book
of poems, "Piece Of Life."

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