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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ideas On Writing

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Writing Ideas

The answer to that starts with
whether or not you're going
to write about fiction or

Fiction is a world created by
a writer. He/she populates it
with memorable characters, an
interesting setting and a plot
that takes the reader down
various twisted paths.

Non-fiction is based on facts,
researched information. The
research route leads to the
Internet, library, interviews

Writing ideas await at home,
in gatherings and at the
doctor's office.

At home, you're sitting and
relaxing. The room is warm,
shelter from the winter season.
A sudden cold breeze push at
your back. You snap your head
around to see nothing.

The incident can be spun into
fiction or non-fiction.

In fiction, the writing idea
surrounds a haunted house.
People rumor that it's haunted
because death of a popular
person happened in the house
under suspicious circumstances,
or anyone who sleeps in a
certain room of the house
dies mysteriously.

A non-fiction idea centers
around researching owners of
one house, several generations.
The idea is to locate people
who can give eye-witness
accounts of paranormal activity.

Gatherings are opportunities for
collecting writing ideas. There's
usually more than one generation
to get writing ideas from.

A topic is talked about that
you'd like to write fiction
or non-fiction about.

Perhaps, a family secret was
whispered about. Do you write
fiction or non-fiction about
it? The choice rests in your
hands, the writer.

A possible idea follows.

"You stole grandmother's money?"
A cousin shouted.

"Weren't talkin' to ya," Billy

Mouths dropped, sighs and aws
could be heard three miles away.

What should happen next?

A non-fiction project could
focus on a study of your family.
Your idea?

The doctor's office is a place
most people would prefer not
to visit. Still, writing ideas
live there.

Have something happened in a
doctor's office you'd like to

Like: "Where's Amentis Cordo's
file?" A nurse rushed to the desk.

The lady at the front desk looked
in a wall covered file cabinet,
but couldn't find it.

"Not here."

The sound of someone bouncing
against the wall shot from the


The story has many paths to

Possible Writing Ideas

1. The accountant's job

2. What's required to be an
effective manager

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4. Soothing Home Remedies

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8. Why Use Recycled Paper

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10. Why Write Hubs

Ideas on writing exist anywhere,
everywhere. Be the sponge to soak
them up.
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