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Saturday, December 24, 2011

A New Year Means?

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A new year means beginning anew, chance
to move forward and bring new life to

A new year means start-over, try again.
Learn from mistakes and start anew. Is
there a goal you meant to reach but gave-
up on? The plan was to take college level
courses. Only, the economy stopped you.
College courses in 2012?

You're smothering among bad associates. The
only way to do better is change friends and
habits. The opportunity to begin anew is now.

A new year means apply for the job fear has
you afraid to attempt. The stress from not
trying hurts you more. There are two answers
that comes from applying for jobs, yes or no.
Take comfort in the fact that you tried.

No, it's not always easy to move forward. The
key to moving forward is effort, and departing
from things/people that kept you smothering in
wrong or bad circumstances.

Don't waste time blaming or excusing behavior
that ends in one of two options: jail or death.
Slowly with-draw from bad associations. True
change takes years, often. However, toddler step
to positive/productive behavior. Move forward,
perhaps, with the help of a professional.

There's no one to judge how fast or slow moving
forward takes you. Everyone moves forward at their
own pace. Will 2012 be the year you move forward?

You've made resolutions before, but were unable to
keep them. It's time to look at the reasons you're
unable to keep resolutions. The resolution is
impossible for you to do? Try a smaller version of
the resolution.

A resolution to build a house when you're jobless
isn't realistic, for example.

"There's no time to work on a resolution." You said.

Select time, during the day or night, for resolutions.
Look at it as a gift to yourself. The selected time
is used just for resolutions. If necessary, turn-off
the television, radio and cell phone.

"I can't work on my resolution, because of my friends."

Determine if your friends or a resolution, gift to
yourself, is more important.

Life is a matter of choices. Choices as with friends
should be carefully picked.

Finally, a new year allows a new beginning, move
forward and live whole-some resolutions. Ultimately,
choices determines destiny.
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