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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Story Ending: How To Write It?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Every story has an ending. It's not
necessary to have a happy ending.
However, the ending has to be fair
to the reader and complete the

The ending isn't required to
fix all the character's issues,
but it has to bring the story
to a satisfactory conclusion.

The problems splashed on characters
twist down many paths, and then they
come to an end.

Jot down every problem, issue,
introduced to each character. When
it's time to end a story, refer back
to your notes.

I included problems, issues, in the
character's profile when I wrote my
novel, Grave Street House.

Give some thought to endings as
you're scribbling down problems in

Some people write the ending

Think of problems, issues, and
how to resolve them.

Ask yourself questions.

What is the most extreme
solution, and should the
character take the easy
way out? Should the
story end based on how
a character lives? A solution
out of the news, your life,
or something you heard will

List solutions as they
drift to mind.

Write the ending that excites your
imagination. If more than one
ignites your creative flow, write
them out.

Work-on the endings. Select the
ending that best fit.

Sometimes, the story goes in its
own direction. Is the direction
the story's going better than
what you planned?

The ending is the last element
of a story. It's expected, and is
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