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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Additive Linked To Salmonella

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A flavor additive- hydrolyzed vegetable
protein, HVP- found in 94 products was
recalled in the United States.

A Nevada company, Basic Food Flavors Inc,
manufactured the bad additive, The Food and
Drug Administration reported. It can unfold
into one of the bigger recalls.

The additive is stirred in with spices to
flavor hundreds of products like: frozen foods,
soups, chips, dips, sauces, salad dressings,
processed foods, and hot dogs. It's not always
listed, because it's part of a blend. The risk
to health is higher for "eat-now" foods such as
potato chips, dips, salad dressings. It's less
dangerous to eat cooked processed food containing
the additive.

There are no cases of illnesses in the United
States from recalled products, authorities

Companies usually have a system in place for
such matters. Recalls will continue for awhile,
because the tracking system is slow for this
particular additive.

Due to the nature of the offending additive,
time is needed for the systems of companies,
suppliers, clients, to come together for a
chat, action.

Manufacturers buy the additive from various
sources without a follow-up system being in
place, but steps are being taken to remedy
the situation.

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