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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where To Get Writing Ideas

Sit down. Relax. Is there
something someone said that
jumps to mind? A joke you
heard early in the day,
prank, movie you saw, or a
place plays over in your mind?

The last words your co-worker
uttered to you before the day
ended swirls in your mind.

Write about it.

"My neighbor is from another
planet?" She complained.
"She doesn't understand anything
the first time it's explained."

One idea is a neighbor who
changes into an animal at night,
and looks for food to eat. It
could be the reason why the
neighbor needs a re-cap of
the language.

What an interesting plot.

You heard a joke. How many
cats does it take to meow
the first line of Silent

What could be done with that?

You were dared to prank
someone at work. The person
is your boss.

What twists and turns that
plot would take. The boss is
one of the guys, or stick to
the rules kind of person?

A movie keeps swirling
around your mind. What
view-point are you going
to use. What problem is
there? Make sure what you
write is from your imagination,
or research.

Once you're done, it should
be completely different from
the original.

"Why?" You asked.

It's good practice. Make it
original, avoid the
possibility of the L-word,
litigation. Or, have someone
say you copied it, and you're
not a real writer.

Is there a place that flows
to mind? A dream? It's a
place in the four corners
of your mind. Use it as a
back-ground for fiction, or

In conclusion, there's no
shortage of where to get
writing ideas. They exist
in the words of co-workers,
jokes, a movie that plays
over in your mind, or a place.
The place may not be real,
but bring it to life.
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