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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson: Lost Child-Hood

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The young boy who danced, moved, in
ways unseen. He changed the pop
world, challenged causes, and
charmed the world.

There was something mysterious
about him. We saw the heights
and lows his life took.

Fame is two-sided. Few realize
that fact until it's too late.

There's a price to be paid
for fame. You must give-up
something, lot, for it.

Sometimes, it's too

Along the rode to his
dream, fame, he gave-up
his child-hood.

As result, we saw the
darker side of this giant

A talent that knew no
boundaries. One which
could have reached any

Only, sexual abuse allegations
against children scarred his
reputation. Although, they
were unproven.

The years of longing for a
child-hood, loneliness,
and illness took its toll
on him.

It seems to be the norm
to fill the hands of
our talented, giants,
and icons with
drugs in any form.

He, too, fell into
the trap.

One that is under
the influence of
chemical substances
can't say, "No!"

Who speaks for one
that is under? Whose
fault is his death?

Or, blame can't be

The pop icon was worshipped
in different cultures. He paved
the way for others.

The man created a home
children would adore.

He wanted his child-hood
back, but life doesn't
work that way.

You can't change an
instance in life, mis-spoken
word, or re-live your

Still, it's no denying
his robust energy, the thrill
he gave audiences, and joy
he projected from the stage.

The eleven-year-old kid that
splashed on stage grew
into a prince, institution.

He left a global star.
One achievement was to
open main-stream music
for Blacks. They, now, show-
case their tunes to the main-
stream in music, and doing

Michael Jackson showered
the world with his unique
flavor, style. Now, he rests.
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