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Thursday, July 16, 2009

25 Relaxing Ways To Get Writing Ideas

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There are relaxing ways to get writing

"Just twenty-five?" You asked.

There are limitless ways to get
writing ideas, but here are

Take a look.

1. Think of a happy moment
from childhood, something
interesting happened earlier
in the day, or on the way

Write about it.

2. Read a book that you
wanted to. How would
you re-write it? Could
you write an essay
from it?

3. What can you
write about your
favorite color?

4. A favorite recipe.
What makes it a
favorite? Suppose
it was a family's
treasure? Only,
a family friend wants

What tale could you
tell about it?

5. A dream.

6. A song that
you like.

7. The day a truth
revealed itself to
you. Or, the day
you figured it out.

Turn it into a mystery.

8. A word you heard
during the day, and it
stands out.

Decide on the
characters that best
fit the scenario.

9. What are the benefits
of eating ice cream?
Test it yourself, and have
friends, family, take the

Write-up your findings
in an essay.

10. Look around your
living space. What's
the ugliest structure
within it?

11. What does splash
mean to you, and how
would you write about it?

12. Finish the following

The day it happened...

13. Where were you
on July 4, 2009?

Did something interesting
happen? What? Write
about it.

14. What can you write
about your street sign?
An essay? Romantic
story? Mystery?

15. Swimming is?

Explain the advantages
of swimming. Is it
therapeutic, and how?

16. What setting is
snow used for? What
story works well with

17. Numbers exist to?
What would you say
about numbers?

18. Place the market
you visit in a setting,
and write a short
story. Or, carve an
essay. Research the
idea, and see where
you want to go with it.

19. Why is exercise
good for you? Or, is

20. When you see
someone laughing, do
you smile? How about

Test it on friends. See if
it works with family, and
then experiment at a mall,
shoe store, etc.

Write your findings
in fiction, or non-

21. Touch. How
can it be explained?

22. Digestion. What is it?

23. What is there to
say about your life? What
category would it be in?
Comedy? Mystery? Or,

24. A DVD as a topic
to write about? There
are many directions
to go with it.

25. Write about the
noises where you
live. City? Suburbs?
Rural? Other?

Now, some of my
neighbors provide plenty
for me to write about.

A few of them are clouded
in ignorance, and disrespect
for human laws.

Of course, they show
disregard for God's laws.

What do they see in the
mirror? Or, can they, even,
approach a mirror?

Finally, take the
relaxing ways to
get writing ideas
a step further.

Look at the writing
ideas upside down,
and inside-out.
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