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Friday, August 22, 2014

Where to Start Writing

Free Writing

Where to start writing ushers in a day of wasted energy when a writing idea is needed but an angle, rhyme or reason eludes you. It is not the time to panic, leave that state for a real emergency. Sit. Take a deep breath. Decide if you are going to write fiction or non-fiction. Jot down a word, sentence, paragraph, related to the fiction or non-fiction writing idea. The words, sentences, paragraphs, are referred to as writing prompts.

  • A writing prompt eases you into writing.
  • It can be worded specifically for you.
  • The writing prompt could be a hint or words from your past.
Where to start writing ignites with free writing, especially when you are not sure of the path to take. It is possible to have many writing ideas waiting for exposure, but how to share them needs working out. One way to work with a writing idea is through free writing. Free writing is scribbling down this, that or any idea until one excites your creative flow.
  • Free writing perks up your creative flow.
  • It gives you a gentle hand of encouragement.
  • The best angle to write from surfaces.
Where to start writing may require you to ask questions. Do I need a change from what I have been writing? A possible change to a new genre spins out new motivations and goals. Write down areas of writing you would like to experiment with. The key is to have a real interest in an area of writing. It wastes time and energy to type up areas of writing that you have a casual attraction to. What is the cause of my inability to write? Do I want to write?
  • Essays are options.
  • Blogging on a topic?
  • Reviews?
The platform that you will use to present writing projects shapes its tone and content. Read the platform's guidelines. Determine if it is the medium to display your writing projects. Or, you want a new platform? The platform itself has the ability to suggest ideas for writing. Look at the published content. Allow your creative flow to run free, and give direction to a new writing project.
  • Sprinkle your spin on the writing idea that first grabs your attention.
  • The article must be your work.
  • Take the writing idea to a place you have never been.
It is not necessary to attempt a writing project or platform that causes stress. A new writing project or platform should be thought about. Take a moment to get comfortable with a new writing platform. Experiment to determine which platform fits you and your writing the best.  
  • Practice free writing for motivation.
  • Explore.
  • Search the new writing platform for your niche.
Where to start writing is smooth when you have available writing ideas waiting. You may not have a writing idea for a specific topic, but search for various angles from your published writing projects. Dig through writing ideas that you did not use.
  • Always use a writing idea many times.
  • Re-work writing ideas that you lost interest in.
  • Keep a notebook or file of writing ideas.

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