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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Writing Therapy


Writing therapy is a useful means to understanding an experience or your behavior during a specific incident.  Anne Frank was right. Spill your thoughts and fears in writing to find the courage to move on. The writing is a light to better understanding. The writing frees you from un-necessary anxiety which allows a better quality of life.

Address Any Experience with Patience     
  • Are you ready to face an issue or problem?
  • Write down all the details?
  • It may take more than one try.
  • Stop after two hours.
  • Facts can be hard to face.
  • Put it aside.
The practice and understanding of behavior brings about change. It takes time. Some work through issues faster than others. It depends on how fast or slow writing therapy goes for you. There's no right or wrong time limit. 
Change Behavior Through Understanding
  • Let a few days pass.
  • Read through your account.
  • Leave out anything?
  • Jot down all the facts.
  • Writing therapy takes longer for some.
  • You determine the time-frame.
  • There is no one to compete with.
Writing therapy is an alternative and not a replacement for traditional heath-care. There are many reasons why a person would work with writing therapy. Or, some people use both writing therapy and traditional health-care in resolving issues and problems.

Anxiety Disappears
  • Express reasons for fear. 
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Jot down the reasons for your uneasiness.
  • Look at the cause (s).
  • Is the cause (s) preventable in the future?
  • Yes, it is.
  • Change begins.
Negative thoughts can hold you back from living, even bring feelings of sadness. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Write about it. It could inspire you to write a book like I did. My first novel was based on a situation that confronted me.   

Negative Thoughts Are Faced
  • Write down all negative thoughts.
  • Why are they of concern for you?
  • Select one thought at a time.
  • Work on what's within your control.
  • Find a solution.
  • Decide on numerous solutions.
  • Pick one.
The results rolls into a quality of life that sky-rockets with new purpose. You're not tied to the former issues and problems. New memories, plans and happiness can be yours. Writing therapy can be applied to any and all issues/problems that come your way.  

Better Quality of Life
  • Doubt is removed.
  • Fear runs away.
  • Living starts.
  • New energy blossoms.
  • Plan making soars.
  • Laughter.
  • A new you.
Final Word

It worked for Anne Frank, me and the list goes on. Writing therapy will help you as well. Practice with it when it's convenient for you. Take it slow in the beginning. Get comfortable with it. People who wrote regularly visited the doctor less, according to James W. Pennebaker, Professor of Psychology.  

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