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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Procrastination Break-up

Procrastination break-up is actively working through the task, situation or job without stopping to chat or perform some other less productive habit of choice. Commit to the healthy habit of kicking away the words delay and postpone. They are words to no longer speak or think about.
  • Decide what's more important.
  • Select the goal of procrastination break-up.
  • Stick to it.
Life's twists and turns will make some days feel like walking without a coat on a frigid day. Blanket yourself in determination. Keep moving. This is your life. You must believe in you and your journey. Or, you'll fall for anything.
  • Practice, as with most things in life, improves your resolve.
  • Start slowly.
  • Improve each day.  
Put your goal in writing. Yes, pencil, ink pen or type the goal into your calendar. It's a gentle reminder of your goal. The eye contact with your goal sprinkles in motivation. Time is, sometimes, needed to adjust.
  • You may not do as well as you had hoped.
  • You sat chatting instead of writing, for example.
  • Return the next day to do better or re-connect with the goal.    
Reading about setting goals or how to break-up with procrastination is a waste of time, if you lack the belief in yourself. Stand-up, muster-up courage and stop a habit from taking you down the rabbit hole before it's too late.
  • Procrastination will drag you through all kinds of undesirable places.    
  • It'll take you to other people's business.
  • Take a moment to focus on your goal.
The time you're spending in-and-out of activities you have no business in takes it toll. You'll spend more energy on the wrong situations than helpful habits. Procrastination bounces you around. Blood pressure rises, pretzel stomach and other ailments develops as you contend with procrastination.
  • Stop procrastination from ruining your health.
  • Get into the flow of working pass it.
  • Procrastination can't come into your life unless you invite it.   
You'll have more time for projects or activities when procrastination break-up is done. The delay of doing what's necessary steals more time than the act of working with positive goals. Do the most difficult task, project or job first.
  • You're left with additional time.
  • Most likely, you'll get the necessary done as quickly as possible.
  • In the process, you learn responsibility.
Give yourself a treat while moving away from procrastination break-up. Each improvement deserves a treat. Let's be clear. Change isn't always easy. All positive change should be rewarded. A reward is extra time doing something you like, movie, new hat, piece of clothing or whatever you feel is appropriate. 
  • The determination to make a change is a must.
  • Courage plays a major part.
  • Discipline has to be spread well.
Procrastination break-up leaves your life which enhances it. You have more goals to reach. Life moves forward for you. A challenge isn't scary to you, because two of the most forward stopping words have been deleted from your life.   

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