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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Why Passionate Writers Are Successful

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Passionate writers are successful,
because they write everyday. They
slip time in for writing, sometime,
during the day or night.

Perhaps, some set their alarms
earlier to have time to write.
This is how you learn to write
better. You practice.

It's true that the more you
nurture your talent, the better
writer you'll become.

Substitutes don't exist for the
passionate writer. He/she has
to write through writer' block,
rejection slips, and the days
when you're not in the mood.

Passionate writers work with
one word, for example, to
curb writer's block. Pull any
word out of the air. Write
several sentences about it,
to foil writer's block.

If that doesn't work, grab
another word, or event to
write about.

Writer's block will scurry
away as you continue.

Nurture your talent through
rejection slips. Rejection
isn't comfortable coming
from any direction. It
isn't a personal attack on

A rejection slip, for writers,
is a fact of the writing life.
Learn from it, and don't stop
believing in yourself, your

Could there have been something
you didn't do to make your work
more appealing to the editor?
You requested guidelines for
the publication? Were you
familiar with its style, tone?
Did you make sure your work was
punctuation perfect? Was it the
right publication for your work?

The above questions fall under
writing better. They must be
answered before sending your
work out.

"I don't feel like writing
today." You said.

In fairness, if you're ill,
don't write. Nurture your
talent when you're better.

However, the passion for
writing stirs you on, and
you feel better after
writing a page, or two.

Passionate writers rest
when he/she has no choice.

The passionate writer is
successful, because they
make writing a habit. He/
she nurtures his/her talent
through obstacles like
writer's block, and
rejection slips.
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