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Thursday, October 23, 2008

How To Start Writing In Eight Seconds

Have a question? Agree, disagree, with
me? Leave me your opinion.

There's no need for you to get writer's
block, ever again. Ignite your
imagination with the technique I've
developed over the years.

Go from a blank computer screen
to writing in less than eight seconds.
There's no age limit to working my
simple technique. Actually, it's fun.

It works for me. I don't experience
writer's block, and that alone is a
major motivator.

"What's the technique?" You stared
at the last line.

Look around the room you're sitting
in. In that room sits many writing

What did your eyes, first, land on?
It will be what you start writing about.

My eyes caught the bottle of hand

Now, if you're not comfortable with
writing about one object, pick
another one.

Name the item. Use the name of
it to begin the writing process. Look
at the name inside out, upside down,
and side-ways.

My word, hand sanitizer, can spin
into fiction or non-fiction.

Let's look at it in fiction.

"Look, a hand is at the window!"
Patty shouted.

"Didn't see it, and it's not dark?"
Rhonda stopped walking too.

"No, I don't wanna go in that old

"We just left school, and she'll
pass the house."

"Not goin' in there." Patty walked
pass the house.

The two, middle school age, girls
gathered a distance from the
abandoned house.

"Not gonna take long," Rhonda
insisted. "Only be in there a
few minutes."

Patty glanced up at the house,
trembled. "Somebody..."

I looked at hand upside down,
and my imagination came up
with the above.

An essay on how restaurants
sanitize their kitchens would
be interesting. Or, do restaurants
remind employees to wash their
hands after bathroom use?

How is your writing idea working
out? If one idea isn't working, try
the next one.

It's helpful to pick more than one
object to write about.

Hand sanitizer upside down?

It's a health-care tool, cleaning

I can write from the health care
angle. There is no limit on
the writing ideas from one object.

Write down what your object is,

Go from blank screen to writing in
eight seconds, or less. Use
anything around you.

Use this technique for any topic,
area of interest.

In closing, my technique stops
writer's block, and keeps your
imagination popping out ideas
in less than eight seconds.
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