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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How To Generate Story Ideas

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

You can be in the middle,
beginning, of a writing
project, but, for some reason,
can't get your creative flow
to start today. Perhaps,
an essay is almost finished.
You can't write the last
stanza to a poem.

"Is there anything to help me?"
You cried out.

Use your senses of taste,
touch, smell, sound, or sight
to generate a finish, or ignite
your creative flow. It doesn't
matter the topic, subject.

Yes, you can generate story
ideas using your senses, even
work already in progress.


Think about the writing
project, researched or
not. Bring vivid pictures
to mind as you think about
the subject.

Let's look ay my haunted
house writing idea.

I want to know what
sounds exist in the house.
What sights are in it?
What images touch brings?
The smells?

Taste isn't a sense I'd use
for this story idea.

In order for my characters
to be believable, I have
to understand those senses
as they relate to my story.

I've seen, read, haunted
stories, but what will my
senses say?

My sense points out cracking
floor boards, and unexplained
knocking, coming from the
house. Voices, in the house,
speak from another era.

I see a run-down house.
Its paint is peeling, over-
grown lawn, antique
mail-box sitting near
it, and window panes
shaped like almonds.

On a windy day, foul odors
fill the air around the house.
It's the scent of decaying

If a person walks too close
to the house, it pulls him/
her in it.

The ground rumbles, sometimes.
It causes a person to topple.

My senses helped me generate
story ideas. It's not hard.

Simply, ask yourself some
questions about the subject
you're writing on.

The five-senses questions
are answered based on
research, and/or experience.
What does it taste like?
The touch of it? The smell?
It sounds like? Its sight?
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