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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just The Facts

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A neighbor managed to do
something really funny, but it's
embarrassing to him or her. Any
reader would topple laughing.
Only, the facts, just the facts,
could lead to litigation.

Or, a co-worker's act was
horrific. It beacons to be
written about. Only, writing
just the facts will lead to
the L word, litigation.

"Why can't I write just the

It's required to get written
permission to use someone's
likeness, misfortunes, and
comical behavior. I'd go
so far as to say get the
advice of a lawyer.

If a person finds an act
hurtful, his/her family
was impacted as well.
The person, family, could
be recovering from the
pain, and don't want to
re-live it.

Your article, possibly,
forces them to remember,
re-live the incident.
Consequently, it has the
individual turning to t
he courts, litigation.

It's best not to write
the facts unless you
have signed documentation
from the individual,
individual's family, before
writing about it.

Your neighbor was caught
sleep-walking. He visited
a certain bar, was seen
talking to a female, for

I'd change my neighbor's
eye color, build, gender,
My character would work
undercover, frequent a
neighborhood for

There are so many different
ways to write it.

The facts, just the facts,
can be boring. Let your
imagination absorb an
idea, mold it into a
writing master-piece.

Don't let the facts,
just the facts stop you
from writing, but don't
let just the facts pull
you into litigation.
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