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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Writing: It Picked You

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Sometimes, in life, a
path picks you. You
want to pursue a different
goal, but find yourself
engulfed in writing.

You read a book. It was
last week.

"How did it get published?"
You pondered. "I could have
written it better."

You have the urge
to re-write it. It
plays over in your

Writing picked you.

You've read many
greeting cards, and
each one you complained

Your creative ability
is ignited. You, actually,
wrote down greeting
card sentiments. People
compared your writing to
greeting cards purchased.

Everyone raved that your
writing of greetings outweighed
purchased cards.

Writing picked you.

A newspaper article
was poorly written, in
your opinion. It wasn't
one article you read,
but many.

You've read several
daily papers, and they
lacked something.

Writing picked you to
do a better job. Or,
it's your green-flag
to write articles.

You commented on
a second book.

"Why didn't the author
write it from another
view-point?" You

You find yourself
asking the same

This is how writing
picked you.

Was English a
favorite subject of
yours? Have you
always had a way
with words? People
have remarked on it,
but you decided
against writing.

Still, for one reason or
another, you're asked
to write the review, business
proposal, and/or greetings for

Writing picked you.

However, you don't want
to write full-time. Continue
at your present job. Try
writing when it's convenient,

It's a waste of time, energy,
to complain. Simply, start

"I'm not sure." You looked
at the door.

Some of you have a
head-start. You're
writing already. Take it
to the next level.

Work on a project.
Don't let anyone see
it. Some prefer it that
way. Or, let people
know what you're

The word-of-mouth
advertising brings
more business than
a paid ad.

Get the opinion of a trusted
friend. Show him or

The point is to find
time to write. It
picked you.

"Still not sure writing
picked me." You

There is one way to
find out, and that is to
begin writing.

If it's not for you,
move on.

You will know if writing
is a fit. The passion for
writing burns from within,
and constantly calls your

Start writing something
that excites your creativity,
and go from there. Or,
write the first word that
pops into your mind.

Connect the words into
fiction, or non-fiction. Shuffle
the words around, and add
more words. Write a new article
using the new version of words.

When writing picks you,
there's no choice but to
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