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Thursday, October 1, 2009

AT&T Called Google A Violater

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AT&T wrote a letter, to the Federal
Communications Commission, explaining
that Google violated the fair
competition principle.

AT&T and other phone companies aren't
allowed to block any numbers. It's
known as the common carrier laws.

AT&T alleged Google's call blocking
is in direct violation.

According to Google, the principle
don't apply. They offer a software
application that's helped by other
companies, and it's free.

The Federal Communications Commission
doesn't have any say, jurisdiction,
over software applications.

AT&T and others have been in opposition
to Google. It's rumored that's why
Google Voice application for Apple
iPhone was turned-down.

Google wants an open Internet, and
more free bandwidth to broadcast TV

AT&T and other phone companies feel

Google and AT&T, both, have supporters,

The Federal Communications Commission
hasn't given its opinion on the latest
issue, and there's no indication when
it will.
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