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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Write For Toddlers: How?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

This post will address writing
for toddlers. Specifically, pre-
school age children.

Picture books are geared toward
this age group.

There are three categories of
picture books. The age groups
are: two-six, six-ten, ten and up.

Picture books are thirty-two pages

Direct or target the age group
you're addressing.

Toddlers are interested in
pictures, color. Big pictures
should surround a simple story.

"What do you mean by simple
story?" You asked.

A story about sharing a toy, fear
of a loud noise, or why nap time
is important.

Toddlers like stories that are
fun, surprising, and humorous.

A toddler refuses to share a toy,
for example. Turn it into a story.

Take a look at my story idea.

It revolves around how a child
shared his toy. He/she allowed
others to play with his/her toy.
The toy disappeared, and the
children hunted for it.

In the end, the story
character found out
that it was more fun

A possible start follows.

"Wanna play with my bear?"
Randy asked Sam.

Sam grabs the bear, bounces it.

"I want it back."

Sam runs. He's chased by
other children.

Sam laughs. He spins around,
hides in one room and then
another. He slips in a closet,
tips out. He finds himself
scrunched down in a bath-tub,
but the toy had disappeared.

How would you write it?

The second story start is a
toddler afraid of the noise
vacuum cleaners make.

Dan stares at his mother as
she opens the closet. He backs
away. She pulls out the monster.

"Too loud." Dan ran to another

His mother goes behind him.

"It can't hurt you." She smiled
at him.

She brings the vacuum cleaner
to him. It accidentally...

Continue the story.

Finally, a nap time story

"Not sleepy." Zack yawned.

"It's bed-time." Zack's mother

"No, no."

I have an idea to help you
fall asleep...

Your Idea?

Also, toddlers like to interact
with the book.

A sing-along book to teach
counting is a way to hold
the toddlers attention.

Now, it's a good idea to
visit book-stores. See what's
on shelves, and the types
of books publishers are

Put your ideas into
stories, books.
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