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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Writing Goals: How To Reach Them?

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Every goal needs a plan.
It's not enough to say,
"I'll write when possible."

"Why?" You asked.

Time will never be found to
write. There will be
more important activities
in your life, and you'll push
writing aside.

"One day, I'll write that book."
You declared.

You have to take an action,
not just talk about writing a

The day will never

Sit down. Plan out
the time for writing.

Will you write in the
morning? Before others
awake in your house,
apartment, or living-space?
Perhaps, just before bed
is best for you. Pre-dawn
is more appealing to write?

The point is to find time
for writing. It's important
to write, at least, two hours
per day.

It must become a habit.
When possible, write more
than two hours everyday.

Is there something you
need to start?

Do you need to
get a refresher course?
Colleges offer them
online, offline.

My blog is stuffed
full of writer related

The link is

What will you write?
Fiction? Non-fiction?

"I'm not sure." You

Try writing about the
topics that interest

Pet care have a special
meaning to you? Share
your thoughts, experiences,
on the subject.

A certain illness? Do
research. Find out more
about it.

Take small steps.
There's no need to
write a novel, at first.

Start-off with
writing a short story.

Do you prefer to
write an essay?
Greeting cards?

Business related information
is more your style? Begin
writing about it.

Here's an idea. Take an area
that isn't covered, and write
an essay. Or, jot down
information on a topic you
feel isn't written about enough.

There's no hurry.
Sample. See where
your niche is.

Niche is your place.
The writing works
well with your creative
flow. You and this
field is one, your
thing. It's a reachable

A reachable goal is
one that's right for you.
It's comfortable, and

Let's look at a goal
that's not reachable,

A plan to write a
novel in three days
is unreachable.

It would put unnecessary
stress on you. I'm sure
other areas in your life
would suffer too.

In other words, a writing
goal must fit into your life-

Sometimes, you have to
re-arrange, stop, something
to have time to write. Avoid
a trip to the club, for example.
Instead, scribble notes on a

In order to reach a writing
goal, you have to plan for
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