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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Title For A Story: How?

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Right Title

The right title grabs the reader's
attention. It's the title's job.

Titles ask questions, throw-
out statements, and enlighten
readers with information.

Story Title

I'm going to discuss how
to title your story, fiction.
It has to spark an interest
for the reader.

The goal is to keep the
title within the three-to-five
word range. One or two
word titles are effective too.

Creative Titles

Titles must be creative.

"How do I pick the right
title?" You asked.

The title does more than
hint at what the story is
about. The title sums-up
your story.

The title involves joy, sorrow,
hate, or sadness. Likewise,
the title should fit the genre.
A thriller, for example, requires
a different title than one for
a Western.

Adapt the title to your

"I don't get it." You shared.

How To Pick The Right Title?

Sit down. Read through your
story slowly. Jot down words
that describe it.

Which words, combination of
words, best describe your story?
Select words to stir-up the reader,
and display your creativity to an

You want readers to say, Hmm.
What's that about? Or, it sounds
like I'll enjoy reading the story.

Title Example

Let's look at a title for a story
about a character who claims
someone is following him or
her. A few friends of the
character trailed him/her
to catch the alleged stalker.

Friends weren't able to
catch, see, him or her.

"Who wanted to do that,
and why?" One friend

Is the character making it up?
The character wants more
attention from someone?
Possibly, the character is

Possible Titles

What is the best title?

1. Followed


In The Shadows

2. Stalked


Is Someone Looking?

3. Dark


When Darkness Descends

Pick the best title from the
examples above. On a scale
of one to three, pick the best
titles. One is the best suited
title, and three the least suited
for the story.

Best Titles

I'll select what titles are
best as well.

1. In The Shadows

2. When Darkness Descends

3. Is Someone Looking?

Did your choices match
mine? What were your

Reasons For My Choices

My story is a mystery, possible
thriller. So, my title has to
reflect it.

My title choices are eye
catching enough to grab
the reader's attention, and
show my creativity to an
editor. I want the title to
ignite fear, concern.

My titles meet the three-
to-five word criteria.


Use these easy steps
to write eye catching


I welcome differing
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