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Sunday, November 29, 2009

How To Create Writing Ideas

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing ideas surround us. Everywhere
we go writing ideas await.

Pick a writing idea with mass appeal.
I'm referring to ideas that a large
segment of the population would
read, and it must excite your

Jot down ideas as you find them.

Every story has a beginning,
middle, and an ending.

Let's look at how writing ideas are

1. Have you met a person during the
day? This person was over-dressed
for the place you saw him/her at.

He/she jumps to his/her feet, from
time to time, and starts dancing.
There isn't any music playing when
he/she does it.

There are many avenues to take
with the idea.

2. A prank that turned out funny
makes interesting reading.

3. Certain slang words can be the
start of a plot.

A character's use of certain
words ends him/her up in

4. A news head-line turned upside
down provides excellent writing

5. A saying a relative repeats.
"Mark my words, if you go
there only misery will follow."

Pick a setting, place, and
start your plot.

6. An animal does something
funny, odd, or silly.

Spin the writing idea into
an interesting tale.

7. Write a story around an
out-dated piece of clothing.

8. You heard a funny story.
Write about it.

Select the characters for the

Start the problem, issue, of the
story on page one.

Stir-in suspense. Suspense is
indecision, doubt, anxiety. Sprinkle
around suspense if you're working
with a western, romance, mystery,
or any genre. Suspense pulls
the reader into the story. It keeps
the reader wanting to know what
will happen next.

Each page should contain something
exciting. A threat of an approaching
doom, and few descriptive paragraphs.

Hint at the abduction of the main
character, for example. Perhaps,
the main character's belongings are
misplaced, rearranged.

What will happen next?

Let the characters show the story
through actions and dialogue.

Tie-up loose ends.

Set your story aside. The longer
your project, the more time you
need away from it.

After three-fourteen days away
from your project, critique it.

Have you found an interesting
writing idea today?
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