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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Writing Time: How To Maximize It

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing should last, at least,
two hours everyday. Perhaps, you'd
prefer six days a week. The more
you write, the better you'll become.

You treat writing as a profession, and
your writing time is five days a week?

Writing has to be balanced with your

Find a place in the attic, spare room,
basement, or any area designed for

Every book, sheet of paper, should
pertain to writing.

Make a habit of jotting down
ideas as they bump into you.
Write down sentences about
the idea.

When you return to the idea,
you'll have a reminder of
your original thoughts.

It saves time, and allows
maximum writing time.
You skip the step of
pondering why you made
a note on the writing idea.

Keep your ideas in a file,
folder, box, to easily refer
to them.

A filing system maximizes time.
It stops you from searching in
every corner of your writing place.
Simply, look in your writing idea

A suggestion is to file writing
ideas alphabetically, or categorically.
Or, devise your own filing system.

Work on more than one project
at a time.

Boredom slows you down. Working
on one article can get dull. You'll
tap a tune out on the desk, stare
at your computer screen, or train
a pet to sing.

Instead of wasting time, pick
more than one writing idea to
maximize writing time.

Return to the original writing
idea tomorrow, or the next day.
Time away allows thinking about
it, and refreshes you for the

If an idea for an article, for
example, tires you, avail yourself
to writing pages for a novel. Start
a new article, write a poem, do
research on a topic of interest, or
start scribbling down ideas for
greeting cards.

You have a certain amount of
time for writing. Make the most of
writing time by having various
writing projects.

Maximize writing time by turning-off
the cell phone, telephone, television,
and radio.

However, some people work well with
the radio on. It's a matter of what
inspires your creative flow.

Make the most of your writing time
by getting projects completed. It
means actually writing, and ignoring
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