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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Writing Ideas: Where To Get Them?

Have a question? Agree, disagree,
with me? Leave me your opinion.

Writing ideas are sprinkled around
the doctor's office, seated at the
family's get-together table, paraded
in-out of malls, and splashed
everywhere on the streets of your

Be prepared to capture writing ideas.
Carry a pad, pen, recorder, or text
yourself enough of the idea to later
write about it.

Make a note of the idea as soon as
it appears. Don't wait. Memories fade.
It'll be impossible to retrieve the
original writing idea.

"I've been waiting too long to see
the doctor!" Someone blurted at a
crowded doctor's office.

Writing ideas exist in those words.
Take a look.

The first idea surrounds a lady who
forgot to take her medicine. She hops
up, demands to see a doctor.

The office staff tries to calm her.
The doctor bursts through the door
with a syringe in hand.

Only, the lady...

What twist would you put on the idea.
Or, what notes would you scribble down
to explore later?

At a family dinner, the secret family
cake recipe discussion came to the

The person who handled it last turned
her/his residence upside down looking
for it, to no avail.

Members of the family argue with each
other, accuse one another.

The writing idea can swirl down several

Shake-up the writing idea. Look at it
from more than one view-point.

A conversation at the mall is over-heard.

"Grandmother, they're my family too." A
teen argued at the elderly lady.

"This isn't the time to talk about it"
The lady sighed.


"Not here." The elderly insisted.

Your writing idea on it?

Perhaps, you'd write an essay on
children raised by maternal
grandmothers. Other ideas?

The only limit to writing ideas is
your imagination. It's best to
twist ideas upside down, and
find as many writing ideas as
possible from the original.

Here is an incident from the
street of my state.

Two young men stood on a
corner whispering between
themselves as people passed.

A female with three-inch gold
earrings paced near the
young men.

The guys looked at each other.
One of them grinned, and
without warning...

What's your thoughts on
the writing idea?

Writing ideas are everywhere.
Capture them for future
writing ideas.
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