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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Point-Of-View: Closer Look

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What's Point Of View?

I'm going to take a closer look
at point of view in fiction.
Point of view is the perspective,
angle, from which a story is told.

The points of view are: the objective
point of view, first person point of
view, third person point of view,
limited omniscient point of view, and
omniscient point of view.

Objective Point Of View

Using the objective point of view, an
author, writer, describes the story
from what he/she can see.

Actions and dialogue from characters are
the indicators of what's happening in a

The author, writer, isn't allowed to
explain what a character is thinking,

First Person Point Of View

The author, writer, tells the story
from the viewpoint of a character.
The character shares his/her thoughts,
feelings, and behavior patterns.

This is the "I" viewpoint or voice.

I like to work with this viewpoint.

Personally, I feel it's easier for
beginners to work with.

This viewpoint character can't tell
what other characters are thinking,
doing. He/she can make guesses from
what other characters said or done.

Third Person Point Of View

The author, writer, is uninvolved in
the story. Characters are referred
to as she, he, and they.

The author, writer, conveys what's
going on, and interprets behaviors.

This point of view is used most by

Some say, this point of view is easier
to work with.

It's used in most genres, except young
adult fiction.

Limited Omniscient Point Of View

The writer, author, is limited to
knowing everything about one

The author, writer, explains how the
character feels, thinks, hears, and

The author, writer, can't see or
hear what other characters are
thinking and feeling.

Omniscient Point Of View

Everything is seen, known, from the
omniscient point of view.

The author, writer, can disclose the
thoughts or actions of any character.

The author, writer, can explain the
situation from any character's angle,

Experiment with different viewpoints.
Which viewpoint works better for you?
Is one easier to use?
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