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Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Use Flashbacks In Fiction

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Tips On Using Flashbacks
Flashbacks will keep fiction
interesting, but it must be
mixed well. A flashback that's
too long bores the reader, and
he/she moves to the next
author/writer. It's the primary
concern when working with flashbacks.

Begin your fiction in a dramatic
scene. If the reader needs to know
how a character ended-up in the
situation, show them with a
flashback. The flashback takes the
reader back and uncovers relevant
information that leads to where
the story opened.

Sometimes, a sentence is all that's
needed. At other times, a paragraph
is required to handle a flashback.
In other words, flashbacks must
not slow-down the pace of a story.

Music, loud noise, a fall, gentle
shake or ringing telephone can set
a flashback into motion.

The following is the tell me method
to a flashback. It's necessary to
the excerpt. One paragraph explains
the background of grandmother and
gives insight into Tay's ancestry.

"Mother, tell me about how
grandmother migrated to find a better
life," Tay pleaded.

I explained how my mother worked as
a maid, saved her money until she was
able to move north. She, after many
years of hard work, became a business

A flashback is smooth, must have a
reason to be included.

Flashbacks are used in life too.
Newspaper headlines are excellent
examples. Newspaper headlines splash
the eye-catching part of a story, and
then explain what led up to the headline.
It's a flashback technique. Read over
the examples.

1. Egyptian Defense Ministry: ‘It Is
Time To Go Back To Normal Life’

2.Google to Launch Google Offers

In closing, a flashback covers only what is needed.
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