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Monday, February 14, 2011

Obsession Turns to Murder

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Maksim Gelman, 23, killed 4 people
during a day of stabbings,
car-jackings and hit-and-runs.

Gelman's obsession turned to
murder Friday when he stabbed
20-year-old Yelena Bulchenko
to death outside her Sheepshead
Bay home.

"That was all in his head,"
explained Yelena Bulchenko's
friend, Andrey Andriak. "They
were never a couple, barely
friends. He wanted to take it
to the next level and she

Gelman had already fatally
stabbed his stepfather,
Bulchenko's mother and a
pedestrian in a 28 hour
killing spree- wounded 5

People who knew Gelman said
he harassed Bulchenko for
months after she spurned
his advances.

"He became obsessed with her.
He would call and text her all
the time, but she would never
answer back," college friend,
Lauren Vasquez. "He didn't get
it. It was all in his head that
they were together or would be

Neighbors described Gelman as a
low-life who was often on angel
dust. He had a string of arrests
for drug possession and other
charges, according to police.

"They had to die," Maksim Gelman
confessed after being forced down
by two transit cops and an off-duty
detective about 9 a.m. Sunday, per

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